DATE: 24-02-2024 | 11:00 CEST
4th Floor

Slow Flow Yoga by

Alicia Ingruber

Start your day in peace and ease. Enjoy a yoga flow class to load up for the day.

This slow flow yoga class is designed to guide you out of your overthinking mind and into your intuitive, feeling body so that you can move through your day with grounded presence, calm and ease.

Using flowing movements, conscious breath, and sounding, you will release stress and stagnant energy from both your body and mind, and open up the pathways to feel more space, freedom and peace.

Beginners are welcome and flexibility is not essential.

This class is not about performance or achieving poses, it is about gently moving your body and connecting to what you FEEL. All of you is welcome here.

Course given by

Alicia Ingruber

Alicia Ingruber

Empowerment coach

Alicia is a Confidence Coach and an Embodiment Teacher focused on helping you find clarity, calm and confidence through connecting to the wisdom your own body so that you can live an authentic and expansive life. It was through this body connection that she was able to heal from a devastating two year burnout, discover her soul’s purpose, and completely transform her life into one filled with self-love, freedom and success. She now helps people all over the world do the same.