Thank you for helping the environment by returning your plastic to the bar. Together we were able to recycle tons of plastic! Find out if you won one of the amazing prices below.
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Meet & Greet with Armin van Buuren
Yoka Haket

Two tickets for Armin van Buuren present: This Is Me
Tobi Schrade
Julia Riede
Laura Marielli
Ashranie Prahladsingh
Fabien Denoyelle

Two tickets for ASOT1000
Siert Saes
Mark Bannister
Doreen Hase
Annie Trybus
Christian Krüger
Joseph Bailey
Holger Tempel
Marco Stein
Daniel Behrend
Christian Engler

Two tickets for Electronic Family
Jan Kappen
Tobias Theurich
Dario Scazzari
Patrik Barcal
Dylan Richard
Hendrik Beckers
Alexandra Kovalenko
Wesley Helsens
Katie Levett

ASOT950 merchandise
Babs Jewelry
Paul Rapparlié
Thecla de Jong
Tim Beijer
Louis ter Bruggen
Imme van der Lei
Sven Smeets
Hans Bosma
Thom Ruijs
Ronald van Dijk
Marja Hoogervorst
Corik van Maaren
John de Lange
Maxime Heezen
Lex Huisman
Henk Eeke
Sandra Kolkman
Ferry Wijngaarden
Nils de Vries
Lisa Brokking
Lia Klein-Herenbrink
Harold Knibbeler
Kathy Jonk
Mies Cor
Jean-Paul Roels

We need to take the plastic issue seriously and to solve this problem, we need a UN-treaty. Sign the WWF petition against plastic pollution. We need a treaty that sets stricter goals on reducing plastic for every member state of the UN and obligates every state to create a national action plan to reach the goal and reduce plastic worldwide.