DATE: 24-02-2024 | 13:45 - 14:45 CEST
3rd Floor


Visual representation and communication are vital elements of A State of Trance and any other festival, for that matter. We need the visuals as much as we need the music. Joris van Meegen (Graphic Designer), Freek Cornelissen (Art Director) and Jordi Kievit (Motion Graphics Designer) of global brand experience agency TWOFIFTYK work closely together on the artwork for A State of Trance. During this demo, the three will elaborate on their creative roles and how they collectively create your visual experience before, during and after the A State of Trance events.

TWOFIFTYK is a global brand experience agency that revolutionizes live entertainment to create unforgettable experiences. Founded in 2008, as a three-man company, it has grown into a company of 40 people in staff with two offices in the Netherlands, one in the USA and long-lasting partnerships in Brazil and Asia. By pushing boundaries,

TWOFIFTYK is leading in the entertainment industry, running over 100 projects every year. With our loyal team of talented freaks, we express our passion daily inside and outside of our work. As creative pioneers, we keep raising the bar, to create unforgettable experiences. Being fully focused ensures revolutionary live entertainment, that thrives true brand engagement. We have worked in more than 125 countries and collaborated with extraordinary brands and artists.

Hosted by

Freek Cornelissen (Art director), Jordi Kievit (Motion graphics designer) and Joris van Meegen (Graphic designer)

Freek Cornelissen

Art Director

Jordi Kievit

Motion Graphics Designer

Joris van Meegen

Graphic designer