If you have any questions regarding your tickets, please read the FAQ carefully and see if you can find the answer to your question. If not, you can contact our partner Paylogic via this link!


When will I be able to download my tickets?

You will receive your tickets later on, but no later than 1 day before the show (22nd February 2024).

Which tickets will be available?

The following tickets will be available for A State of Trance 2024.

The full weekend experience which will give access to Friday AND Saturday. In addition to this, you will also have access to an exclusive warm-up set on Saturday.

VIP tickets will give access to the VIP deck, VIP fastlane and you will receive a complimentary locker (limited availability).


Tickets for only one day of the festival, giving access to the festival on Friday OR Saturday. In contrast to Weekend tickets, GA Saturday tickets won’t have access to the exclusive warm-up set on Saturday.

VIP tickets will give access to the VIP deck, VIP fastlane, exclusive warm-up set and you will receive a complimentary locker (limited availability).

Can I pay the ticket(s) in parts?

Yes, you can! Take advantage of this option by selecting the Klarna* or Installment Plan payment method during checkout. You’ll be able to pay for your ticket in three or six parts, making it easier than ever to join A State of Trance 2024.

* It is possible that Klarna is not available in your country.

Do I need to personalize my tickets and how?

Yes, personalizing your ticket(s) for A State of Trance 2024 is mandatory. Please follow the steps below on how to do so:

  • After ordering your tickets, you will receive a confirmation email from Paylogic with a link to your order overview page. Can’t find the confirmation e-mail? Request a new one here.
  • Click on the button “Personalize”
  • You can then choose to “claim” or “send” the tickets. If you “claim” the tickets, you put them in your own name. By “sending” you can send the tickets to a friend so that he or she can then put the ticket in their name.
  • If you have purchased more than one ticket, please invite your friends to the personalization process by clicking on “invite”. It is important that you do not send this link to people who are not part of the order, as this link provides access to the tickets. Remember: ALL your tickets need to be personalized.

Where can I find my order / ticket(s)?

You can find your order by going to the confirmation mail received by Paylogic and go to ‘Manage order’. Here you have multiple options such as changing the name/personalization.
You will receive your E-tickets later, but no later than 3 days before the festival (20th of February, 2024).

Can’t find the confirmation e-mail? No worry, request a new one here.

Can I upgrade my ticket?

Yes, upgrading your ticket is possible if the desired ticket is still available. Please find below the instructions on how to upgrade your ticket(s).  

  • After ordering your tickets, you will receive a confirmation email from Paylogic with a link to the order page. Can’t find the email? Request a new one here.  

  • Go to the order page, click on “More actions” and select “Change tickets” 

  • Select the tickets you would like to change and use the total value of the order to buy different tickets. *

  • Complete the order and you will receive your new upgraded ticket(s) automatically.  

* Unused credit will be converted into a voucher which can be used for future purchases. 

Am I able to sell my ticket?

You can sell your ticket through our official resale platform.

The resale platform enables you to set your desired price, but it prevents from exceeding the original price. With this approach we tend to keep it fair for everyone.

This is the only way to resell your ticket(s) 100% safely. We highly advise against purchasing tickets through alternate channels.

How do I sell my ticket?

If you want to sell your ticket(s) through our resale platform, got through the following steps.

  • Go to your order page via the confirmation email you received from Paylogic
  • Click on manage order > resale > sell your ticket
  • Select the ticket(s) you would like to put up for sale
  • Determine the price and confirm. A resale account is automatically created for you

You will receive a confirmation email and a notification when your ticket is sold, and you will receive the money within a few working days.

Help, I’ve changed my mind and would you like to keep the ticket(s)!

No worries, if the ticket(s) is not sold yet, you are able to withdraw your ticket(s) via the confirmation mail.

Am I able to buy tickets through the resale platform?

Buying tickets through the resale platform is easy.

The only thing you need is a resale account which can be created on the resale platform.

Is it possible to change the name on the ticket?

Yes, changing the name on your ticket is possible via the name change module of Paylogic. Please be aware: a small fee will be charged so if you don’t know who will come along, wait a little bit longer to personalize the tickets.

Please find below the instructions on how to change the name on the E-ticket.

  • After ordering your tickets, you will receive a confirmation email from Paylogic with a link ‘Manage order’ to the order page. Can’t find the email? Request a new one here.
  • Click on view order;
  • Click on change of name;
  • Select the ticket whose name you want to change;
  • Enter the email address of the new visitor;
  • Select your preferred payment method;
  • Complete the name change.

Can I change the e-mail address of my order?

We can’t make this happen for you, but our partner Paylogic can. How? Have a look here.

Who can I contact when I have further questions about my order/tickets?

If you have any tickets regarding tickets left, please contact our partner Paylogic. The contact form can be found by clicking on a question.


Will there be lockers available?

Lockers can be bought HERE or at the venue. Choose convenience and get your lockers online!

In case you have purchased a VIP or Hotel ticket, we strongly advise you not to purchase a locker here. A number of lockers will be made available for these ticket types (while supplies last).

Which ways can I pay in Rotterdam Ahoy?

A State of Trance 2024 will be a cashless event, so don’t forget to bring your payment cards!

Where and when will A State of Trance 2024 take place?

A State of Trance 2024 will take place in Rotterdam Ahoy.  

Location: Ahoyweg 10, 3084 BA Rotterdam

The event will take place on Friday 23 February and Saturday 24 February. The show will start at 22.00 and will take until 6.00.

How to get there

You can visit Rotterdam Ahoy in various ways. The easiest and most sustainable option is to come by public transport or bicycle.

Public transport 

Rotterdam Ahoy is excellently accessible by bus, metro, and train. From the bus and metro station Zuidplein, it takes only 5 minutes to walk to Ahoy!


Do you live in Rotterdam? Come by bike! Healthy, easy and sustainable. Are you coming by public transportation? Take an OV bike from Rotterdam CS.

Going by shared bike or scooter to your favorite event? No problem. Check rotterdam.nl/deelvervoer!

You can park your bike or scooter in the (unattended) bike storage at the front of Ahoy.


Own parking

Rotterdam Ahoy has 2,000 parking spaces. To be sure of a parking space on event days, it is possible to buy a parking ticket with parking guarantee until 2 hours before the event. For €19,- you are insured of a parking space next to Ahoy, without parking guarantee you pay €16,-.
Parking lot full but have a pre-purchased parking ticket with guarantee? Show this to the traffic controller and get access.

Park + Ride

Free parking and continue by public transportation to Ahoy? Good plan! P+R Slinge is only 1 metro stop from Zuidplein/Ahoy. Check all locations here.

Other parking spaces

Is our parking lot full (and do you not have a pre-purchased parking ticket with guarantee)? Then you can go to Q-Park Zuidplein or another parking facility in the vicinity.


If you travel to Rotterdam Ahoy by taxi or Uber, you can be dropped off at the designated taxi or Uber stand. 

Is A State of Trance 2024 accessible?

There will be special lanes for people with physical disabilities. These special lanes are located at each of the entrances. Upon entering the venue, you may use these lanes, but only when you’re prevented from using the regular entrance lanes due to physical disabilities. There will be a wheelchair deck located at the Mainstage area, which will only be accessible with Wheelchair tickets. The VIP facilities and VIP deck are not accessible for wheelchairs. 

How does the entry procedure work?

Make sure to bring your ID and your ticket. The minimum age for the event is 18+ so we cannot grant access to visitors younger than 18 years old. Therefore, it is important to take legal identification with you for security to be able to check your age. Please do not print the E-ticket but download the ticket on your mobile instead. 

No entrance after
There will be no access granted to the event after 5.00, so make sure you are on time. 


As a standard procedure, all visitors and crew are thoroughly inspected. Visitors are not allowed to bring luggage and/or backpacks to the event. You are allowed to bring handbags of a maximum size of A4 and 10cm thickness.  

The safety of our visitors is always a high priority. Regarding recent developments worldwide, we are extra cautious with all procedures. We ask for your understanding of this

Should I wear earplugs?

A party without music is like a carbonated drink without fizz. But going deaf or having ringing in your ears that simply won’t go away, is a very sad memento of a good party. So go easy on your ears and be sure to wear earplugs if the sound level exceeds 80 dB(A). Earplugs can be bought at the info stand or at separate earplug outlets.  

Celebrate Safe

During A State of Trance we celebrate safely. When you (or your friend) are not feeling well, please visit our first aid team. The first aid team is your friend and is there to help you without judgment. More information about Celebrate Safe can be found here. 
At A State of Trance we respect all sexual orientations and gender identities. We do not tolerate any form of (sexual) harassment. If you, or the people in your surroundings, are being harassed you can turn to our first aid team for support and help. They are trained to help you. 

Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance 
We have a zero-tolerance policy and therefore discourage you to bring any (soft)drugs to the event. If one of these is detected during visitation, you will be denied access to the event. Public use of drugs at the event also leads to removal. Please respect our regulations. 

Smoking Areas 
Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking areas located within Rotterdam Ahoy. Note that we will not be selling cigarettes at A State of Trance 2024.

Lost & Found
In case you lose any personal belongings, you can check with ALDA information stand about lost or found items. If at the end of the event, your belongings haven’t been found, you can send an e-mail to events@astateoftrance.com 

If you find any personal belongings, you can bring them to our information stands or locker desks. 

Please be aware of your valuable belongings and keep an eye out for pickpockets.   


Due to the capacity of the Main Stage Area and for safety reasons there might be a moment when the area is temporarily full. We ask for your understanding and to try again later. For the VIPs: Don’t forget to benefit from the special VIP lanes at the Main Stage entrance. VIP ticket holders have access to the Main Stage at any time. Find this lane on the Floorplan as well.   

Payment Cards

Payment cards with a specific credit that can be purchased during this event are only valid during this event. After the event has ended, the organizer is never obliged to refund the purchase amount on the payment card. If the payment card is lost or stolen, a refund of the remaining credit is not possible. The organization is never liable for loss and/or theft of a payment card.


I have booked a (or the official A State of Trance) hotel. What is going to happen now?

After you have purchased your package, you will receive a confirmation mail. If you didn’t receive this, you can request a new one via this link. In the confirmation mail you will find an overview of your order.
In the week leading up to the event, you will receive a last info mail which will cover more details about your stay.

Are weekend tickets included in the hotel packages?

Premium A State of Trance experience (Hotel + Weekend)
Weekend tickets are not included in the Premium A state of Trance experiences. Make sure you add the desired number of weekend tickets when placing an order. If you purchased a hotel without tickets, it is possible to buy your weekend tickets separately.

For how many people are the hotel packages?

All hotel packages are for two people.

Where is the closest airport?

The closest airport to the accommodations in Rotterdam is Rotterdam The Hague Airport. You can also fly to Amsterdam Schiphol airport, and travel to Rotterdam by train or taxi.

What is the nearest metro station to the Rotterdam Ahoy?

The nearest metro station to the Rotterdam Ahoy is Zuidplein. This is just a few minutes away from the venue.

Can I cancel my order free of charge?

No, it is not possible to cancel your booking. The purchase of an A State of Trance hotel package is non-refundable.

Is it possible to re-sell the Weekend Travel Packages?

No, this is not possible. All bookings are registered on the name of the booker and final.

Does the hotel packages include breakfast?

Breakfast is not always included. Please check your order overview carefully. The following hotels offer breakfast:

The Official A State of Trance hotel 

Holiday Inn Express Rotterdam

Novotel Rotterdam Brainpark

Is transport to A State of Trance festival included in my package?

No, transport is not included. You can travel by taxi or by public transport. We will share route instructions later in the FAQ.

Is it possible to extend the number of nights in my travel package?

This depends on the availability of the hotel by your choice. If you would like to extend your booking, please contact travel@alda.nl and we will assist you.

Are the official A State of Trance day-activities included in my package?

No, the day-activities are not included in the hotel packages. The Official A State of Trance Hotel guests are the first to pick day activities. Afterwards, the other hotel guests have a chance to sign up. The activities are not included in the packages, and can be purchased as an add-on for a fee.

Please note: day-activities have limited capacity, so it’s not guaranteed you can visit each activity.

How do I get in touch with A State Of Trance for further questions regarding my travel package?

If you have any questions regarding your travel package, please don’t hesitate to contact us by mail on travel@alda.nl