A powerful Gong Bath session for the MIND

DATE: 24-02-2024 | 13:00 CEST
4th Floor

Mindfulness: trance experience by

Oracley Space

Join Sound Therapist Amy Maxwell, founder of Oracley, a guided healing space in Amsterdam and fellow Sound Therapist Inna Dmytrenko for a powerful Gong Bath session.

Gong baths can be deeply relaxing and trance-like, with the practice having the ability to boost feelings of creativity, positivity and creating more space in the mind. During the session participants will be induced into a state of relaxation by moving brain waves from a state of wakefulness (Beta) into a meditative state where slower Alpha and Theta brain waves predominate. This is achieved through the process of entrainment as the brain waves gently begin to lock into phase and synchronize with the sound waves produced by the instruments.

Course given by

Amy Maxwell and Inna Dmytrenko from Oracley Space

Amy Maxwell

Founder of Oracley Space

A wellness mentor, sound therapist, Reiki master, tarot reader, yoga teacher and meditation guide based in Amsterdam and originally from the UK.

Inna Dmytrenko

Sound therapist

A free spirit, 200h registered yoga teacher and forever student with love & compassion for Earth and its all beings – fueled by passion, creativity and inspiration.